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Automobile Double Cooling Fan Horizontal Balancer


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It is suitable for the overall balancing of products such as automobile engine condensing fan and water tank cooling fan assembly.


1.Adopt 15-inch touch screen, JP800 balancing software

2.While measuring dynamic unbalance, it can also test current, voltage, power and other electrical parameters

3.The fixture can be adapted to various variants, and the pneumatic chuck can quickly clamp the workpiece

4.Quick lifting safety door, safety protection


Technical data at a glancePRZD-5HW1/5HW2
Max Mass of Workpiece(kg) 5 (With fixture)
Maximum Workpiece Frame Size(mm) 900*700
Balancing Speed(r/min) Customize
Min Achievable Residual Unbalance Amount (emar) 6g· mm/kg
Unbalance Reduction Rate (%) ≥90
Working Pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Working Voltage AC220V
Protection Overload protection,Pressure monitoring
Software Interface 12 inch touch screen
Balancing Machine Type Soft bearing bracket
Extensions Electric function test vibration and deflection test functions