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New Starting-A New Journey-JP (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd

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New Starting-A New Journey-JP Balancer (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd

On June 25, 2024, Jianping (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Jianping Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., held a grand opening ceremony. The activity started in a warm atmosphere, Mr. Wang, general manager of our company, delivered a speech, reviewed the development of Jianping and looked forward to the future prospects of the new company.

At the opening ceremony, Jianping (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. showed many products in the field of dynamic balancing machines, including high-precision dynamic balancing machines, automatic balancing machines, vertical balancing machines and special balancing machines for different industries and needs. These products are highly recognized by the market for their efficient performance, accuracy and reliability.

The wonderful opening drum dance and lion performance means that Suzhou Jianping will move forward bravely like a lion, and the ribbon-cutting ceremony marks the official start of a new journey for Jianping Suzhou Technology Co., Ltd. After that, at the invitation of the general manager, our guests visited the factory. The production process, product quality, innovation ability and the R&D strength of JP company  were fully demonstrated, which gives customers greater confidence and makes them feel at ease.

The opening ceremony not only demonstrated the strong strength and advanced technology of Jianping (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd., but also demonstrated the firm confidence and positive attitude of the company for future development. As an enterprise focusing on the field of dynamic balancing machine, Jianping (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to uphold the innovative and pragmatic concept, and constantly promote the progress of dynamic balancing machine and industrial upgrading. At the same time, our company will also actively fulfill its social responsibilities and contribute its own strength to local economic development and social progress.

We will continue to be rooted in various industries to contribute to the dynamic balancing of our own strength. Jianping (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. products are widely used in motor, fan, water pump, automobile, textile, aerospace and other fields, to help customers improve product quality, reduce energy consumption, improve production efficiency. Our company promises to continue to invest in research and development, further improve the technical level of products, in order to better serve global customers and promote the healthy development of related industries.

PS: In order to celebrate the establishment of Jianping (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd., as long as the customers come to visit our factory, they can get a good gift, once again we sincerely invite new and old customers to visit our new factory, thank you.

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