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Wound Armature Automatic Balancing Machine

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Wound armature automatic balancing machine - Winding rotor good assistant -Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
The use of winding machine motors is generally in places that require a large starting torque, such as cranes. Its principle is generally to change the rotor winding resistance and change the torque of the motor. Its stator is directly connected to the three-phase AC power supply. However, the wound armature is generally connected to a variable resistor with a certain resistance value in series. When the motor starts, the variable resistance value is larger. Adjust the resistance value to make the resistance value zero.
Then when we usually use the wound armature, we will find its abnormality. When this situation is more serious, it will directly affect our usual work efficiency. If this abnormal phenomenon occurs during the operation process and no solution is obtained in time, it is more dangerous, so we must strictly detect its abnormal conditions when using it, especially for some mass-produced manufacturers, if such an unbalance occurs, it will cause certain influence.

So how do we perform dynamic unbalance detection on it? We generally find that they are different when using balancing machines. Nowadays, due to the rapid development of society, automated production is also increasing day by day. Shanghai Jianping launched a wound armature automatic balancing machine for the winding machine motor industry. This automatic machine adopts Jianping’s electronic measurement system, with various measurement methods, dynamic and static balancing, bearing modes are up to 10 kinds, weight addition& removal, CW and CCW rotation can be flexibly customized, measuring accuracy is high. It adopts multiple calibration coefficient combinations, automatically adjusts system sensitivity, and automatically compresses data.

Wound armature automatic balancing machine helps you improve mass production efficiency, improve the quality of workpieces, and provide the right balancing solution for you.

Dynamic unbalance is very important for the product and cannot be ignored. A well-balanced product can improve the user's good experience, and at the same time, it can prolong the service life of the product.

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