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20Ton Gas Turbine Rotor Balancing Machines

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20 Ton Steam Turbine Horizontal Balancing Machine
A steam turbine, also known as a steam turbine engine, is a rotary steam power device. The high-temperature and high-pressure steam passes through a fixed nozzle to become an accelerated airflow and then sprays it onto the blades, so that the rotor equipped with the blade row rotates and does external work at the same time. Steam turbines are the main equipment of modern thermal power plants, and are also used in metallurgical industry, chemical industry, and ship power plants.
A steam turbine is a rotating machine that uses steam as its power and converts the thermal energy of the steam into mechanical work. It is the most widely used prime mover in modern thermal power plants. In order to improve the efficiency of the steam turbine, reduce vibration and noise, reduce the power consumption of the product, and reduce the user's discomfort, increase the trial life of the supporting parts (bearings), improve the quality of the rotor and its products, as well as safeguard modern power plants, Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed a 20-ton steam turbine horizontal balancing machine, which is driven by a universal coupling or a gearbox, and can balance rotors ranging from 50 kg to 100,000 kg with a diameter of 4,000 mm. This universal joint balancing machine is used for dynamic unbalance correction of rotating workpieces such as large and medium-sized motor rotors, blowers, centrifugal impellers, dryers, and drums.

It can be used for unbalance correction of steam turbine rotors, motor rotors, drums, machine tool spindles, multi-stage pumps, fan impellers etc; it is suitable for workpieces whose outer circle cannot adopt a belt drive device or requires a large transmission power; the professionally designed brackets can effectively transmit the mechanical force. The PHW series universal joint balancing machine is another masterpiece of Shanghai Jianping.
High sensitivity sensor
Universal joint drive
Mobile lathe head
Stepless variable frequency speed regulation
Siemens S71200 PLC
Kunluntongtai 15” HMI
Linux operating system
500 rotor parameters
1 million sets of historical measurement records
Multi-account management function
Single / double / dynamic and static unbalance display
Chinese and English bilingual
Support data export

Working principle
A universal joint is used to connect the spindle of the balancing machine with the rotor. The characteristic of coupling drive is that it is suitable for rotors in irregular form, which can transmit large torque, and is suitable for driving rotors with large wind resistance such as fans and steam turbines. The disadvantage of coupling drive is that the unbalance of the coupling itself will affect the rotor (so the coupling should be balanced before use), and it will also affect the accuracy of the balancing. In addition, a large number of connecting flanges must be made to adapt to different types of rotors.

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