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JP Wheel Hub Automatic Balancing Machine

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JP Wheel Hub Automatic Balancing Machine  Knowing how important it is to balance wheel hubs! -Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Wheel hubs are one of the most important parts in automobiles. With the rapid development of the domestic economy in recent years, Almost every household owns a car, and the automotive industry is booming. To better ensure the quality, balance performance and service life of the wheel hub, Jianping has launched an auto wheel hub automatic balancing machine to boost the wheel hub manufacturing industry.

What is a car wheel hub and what does it do?
Everyone has seen the four wheels of a car, so where is the wheel hub, it is a cylindrical part in the car tire that supports the tire with the axle as the center. In layman's terms, that is, the part of the axle in the middle of the wheel, which is linked to the important parts of the brake disc (brake drum), and the tire is the rubber part in the "wheel" of the car, and its material is soft, the tire itself is supported by the inner profile, and the part whose center is mounted on the shaft is called the hub. Wheel hub is an important part that supports car tires, so the requirements for its balance and quality are high, and according to this important factor, Jianping auto wheel hub automatic balancing machine is suitable for the dynamic unbalance correction of automobile wheel hubs.

JP auto wheel hub automatic balancing machine
The machine is designed with a fully automatic assembly line, which helps to greatly improve the automation of tires, which also improves the work efficiency of unbalance correction and the control of time. The auto wheel hub balancing machine adopts an independent detection system, and the measurement and calculation control functions are integrated. The control interface is clear and intuitive, and the operation is also simple.
Compared with the ordinary manual loading and unloading balancing machine, this auto wheel hub automatic balancing machine can be linked with the unmanned automatic line equipment, which realizes the seamless link of the equipment and the continuous production cycle time, which can reduce the damage of manual loading and unloading, and also reduce the impact of placement on accuracy.

About JP Wheel Hub Automatic Balancing Machine
Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been accredited by CNAS, indicating that it has established a quality management system that meets international standards. The laboratory works strictly in accordance with the quality management system, and the technical ability of the laboratory can be guaranteed. The testing/calibration services provided by the laboratory can claim to meet the requirements of international standards. The competitiveness of the laboratory in the calibration/testing market has won the trust of government departments and all sectors of society.


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