2019 China Automotive Manufacturing & Industry Assembly 29 Aug

2019 China Automotive Manufacturing & Industry Assembly

August 28th to 30th, 2019 China Wuhan Automobile Manufacturing and Industrial Assembly Exhibition was held at Wuhan International Expo Center. Shanghai Jianping was equipped with automatic positioning and balancing machine and condensing fan balancing machine. Booth No.: A1298/1299[...]

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Turbine Balancing Machines with JP latest Technology 28 Aug

Turbine Balancing Machines with JP latest Technology

Turbine rotor balancing machine is used for determination of unbalanced instrument, according to the measurement calibration, to improve the balance of the rotor weight distribution, the vibration of the rotor shaft neck during operation or reduce the force acting on the bearing to the specified range. The main function of the turbine balancer is to measure, and sometimes with calibration devices, to improve the balance efficiency.[...]

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JP Cross Flow Fan Balancing Machine 27 Aug

JP Cross Flow Fan Balancing Machine

Cross Flow Fan Blade Balancing Machines 1.Specially designed brackets transmit mechanical force with low vibration damping 2.Durable and reliable sensor possesses good linearity 3.Permanent calibration brings high accuracy with a permission of large initial unbalance amount 4.Belt-driving offers higher accuracy and easier operation 5.Advanced electrical measuring system and friendly man-machine interface 6.Cross flow fan balancer is applicable for all kinds of air-conditioner's fan dryer tangential blower etc[...]

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Double Station Axial Flow Fan Balancing Machine 26 Aug

Double Station Axial Flow Fan Balancing Machine

The axial flow fan is divided into a large axial fan, a medium axial fan, and a small axial fan. The suitable axial fan is selected according to the place of use. In general, large axial fans are mainly suitable for exhausting in places such as dust and gravel yards; medium-sized axial fans are mainly used for indoor ventilation and heat removal, such as: granaries; small axial fans are mainly used. Ventilation with mechanical equipment[...]

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JP Standard Balancing Machines 23 Aug

JP Standard Balancing Machines

Whether you have a standard rotor that can be balanced with single-plane correction or a part that requires two-plane balancing with segmentation, we can find the best solution for your balancing machine requirements. We can work with individual parts, components, or systems of components, and we offer static and dynamic balancing machines.[...]

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Jp Vertical Spindle Balancing Machines 22 Aug

Jp Vertical Spindle Balancing Machines

The JP Vertical Balancing Machine is a dynamic balancing machine that be used for both single and two plane balancing. The vertical configuration is suited for quick top loading of shaftless, flat shaftless rotors such as flywheels, clutches, flexplates, and fans. The unique suspension makes balancing fast and easy with superior separation of pure force and couple unbalance.[...]

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JP Horizontal Hard-Bearing Balancing Machines 21 Aug

JP Horizontal Hard-Bearing Balancing Machines

Jp s horizontal hard-bearing balancing machines are used to balance from very small to very large rotors. For balancing, the rotors are supported by their own bearing journals, mounted to a balancing arbor or balanced as a complete assembly. Rotor applications include electric armatures, spindles, rotors from fans, generators, turbines or compressors as well as rolls or crank shafts.[...]

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Agriculture Rotor Balancing Machine 20 Aug

Agriculture Rotor Balancing Machine

We offer a superior range of agriculture rotor balancing machine that is available with different rotors and blades.Owing to their features like high efficiency, longer service life and temperature & heat resistance they are highly demanded in the market. These are manufactured using quality materials which are sourced from certified vendors in the market. Our ranges of these are offered in customized solutions and are available at affordable prices. [...]

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Tire Expo 2019 19 Aug

Tire Expo 2019

August 19th to 21st 2019. Shanghai Jianping “debuted” at the 17th China International Tire Expo, the automatic balancing machine for tire and wheel assembly line was exhibited at booth 2613 of Hall 2 of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. From more than 100 Tens of thousands of elites from various countries participated in the exhibition. Visitors from the Shanghai Jianping booth were continually acclaimed, and they were applauded by manufacturers, suppliers and buyers from all over the world.[...]

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Welcome to JP Balancing Machine 16 Aug

Welcome to JP Balancing Machine

Welcome to JP Balancing Machine ... JP Balancing Machine Corporation offers Horizonta balancing machines for balancing all rotors .such as motor fan impeller pump impeller turbocharger crankshaft centrifuge roller spindle etc.Vertical Balancing Machine for clutch pressure plate brake disc brake drum pulley fan saw blade grinding wheel chuck flange etc ... For more information about JP Balancing solutions visit: www.jp-balancer.com [...]

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De-Weighting of Pump Impeller Balancing Machine 14 Aug

De-Weighting of Pump Impeller Balancing Machine

The right balancing machine for your pump impeller components depends on your specific balancing requirements. Your particular application may require single plane or two plane correction, and on or off machine correction, and a manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated balancing process.[...]

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JP Engineer On-Site Service in Cuba 13 Aug

JP Engineer On-Site Service in Cuba

When your balancer needs repair, we are here to help. Our experienced staff can repair your old or new balancing machine. JP Balancing Machines is the one source solution to all your balancing machine repairs: replacement parts, electronics repair, set-up support or tech support via phone call. We also offer annual calibrations with certification that documents NIST traceability. [...]

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Pump Impeller Balancing Machine on Site 12 Aug

Pump Impeller Balancing Machine on Site

High precision, high efficiency and perfect impeller balance machine measurement range; modular design, using the latest technology, the work piece from the balance measurement, angle positioning, drilling and heavy test, all the implementation of automation; with simple operation, Easy to use, high precision characteristics; especially for small and medium-volume production.[...]

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Propeller Balancing Machines 09 Aug

Propeller Balancing Machines

The propeller balancing machines is a single station, horizontal overhung balancing machine configured and tooled for balancing propellers. This machine is just one example of the many configurations and weight ranges available. The right propeller balancing machine for you depends on the size and mass of the propeller. Propeller balancers can be based on the JP Belt Balancing Machine or JP Horizontal Overhung Balancing Machine.[...]

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Auto Positioning Balancer for Rotors 08 Aug

Auto Positioning Balancer for Rotors

PHQ hard bearing/PRQ soft bearing auto -positioning balancing machine series adopts advanced servo/stepper motor drive which can achieve accurate automatic positioning.it will automatic stop after measurement is qualifiedOtherwise it will stop at the unbalance pointAvoid manual looking for anglesthereby improve working efficiency[...]

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Causes of Imbalance -Rotor Balancing Machine 06 Aug

Causes of Imbalance -Rotor Balancing Machine

Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. gives you a brief introduction to the reasons for the rotor imbalance caused by the following balancing machines. It is expected that the readers will have a beginning to understand the balancing machine rotor through this article.[...]

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Troubleshooting of JP Balancing Machine 05 Aug

Troubleshooting of JP Balancing Machine

The balance machine's requirement for unbalanced workpieces exceeds the ability of the balancer itself to reach the remaining unbalanced amount, that is, the balance accuracy of the balancing machine cannot satisfy the needs of the workpiece balance.[...]

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