In the 1870s, the second engineering revolution began in the advent of generators. Human history began to enter the electrical era, and motor inventions became one of the achievements. Since then, various types of electrical equipment have emerged as the times have emerged, and continue to develop. As an ideal partner for the motor, the balancing machine is certainly not behind. Just today: June 13th - June 15th, 2018, Shanghai Jianping dynamic balancing machine keeps up with the development, in line with the concept of improving the development of the motor industry, opening dazzlingly! The expo is an industry exchange and building a platform. Shanghai Jianping is following the craze and launching a balance machine exhibition with the theme of motor. At the exhibition, four motor balancing machines shined and they do balancing for different motors. New energy motor balance correction: 1. New energy automatic balancing machine 2. Manual new energy balance machine Micro motor balance co[...]

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Two-station automatic balancing machine system composition a 04 Jun

Two-station automatic balancing machine system composition a

The two-station automatic balancing machine structure consists of dynamic balance measurement, de-duplication two stations and robot conveyor. The function of the measuring station is to measure the magnitude and phase of the unbalance amount on the two correction plane of the rotor, and stop the rotor on the phase of one of the correction surface unbalances (the unbalance amount of the correction surface of the rotor is vertically downward). The function of the de-weight station is to correct the unbalance amount on the two correction surfaces of the rotor, and use milling or drilling to de-weight. The robot conveyor is responsible for measuring and de-duplicating the rotor at two stations.[...]

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June Shanghai-Beijing Shanghai Meet Exhibition 31 May

June Shanghai-Beijing Shanghai Meet Exhibition

As June approaches, the colorful flowers ignite the enthusiasm of Jp balancing machine, but the upcoming June exhibition that makes the whole Jianping boil. The event will lead Jp balancing machine develop, and Jp will lead the future of balancing machine! Let us focus on the Jp June exhibition, and bring you high-end quality workpiece! In 2018, the 18th China International Motor Expo, after 17 years of hard work, became the annual China Motor Show, and became the leader of Chinas motor industry exhibition, tens of thousands of exhibition areas, nearly 1,000 exhibitors. As the practitioner of the balancing machine industry, Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine, after nearly 15 years of hard work, continuously develops and produces high-end balancing machines, and the technological level has reached a qualitative leap. If you miss this year, wait another year for International Motor Expo, Jp balancing machine is at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 13th to 15th[...]

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Balancing Machine in the future-back to Jianping May Exhibit 28 May

Balancing Machine in the future-back to Jianping May Exhibit

In the blink of an eye, it has reached the end of May June. The sun is just right in May, following the pace of Jp Balancing Machine, two wonderful balance machine exhibitions, waiting for us to relish. From May 16 to 19, 2018, the 16th International Foundry Expo, known as the World Foundry Exhibition, was grandly launched, and of course Shanghai Jianping was indispensable. Opening ceremony The categories of exhibitions are so many, and the industry talents are gathered together! Exhibition reception site Exhibition reception site Single station vertical milling automatic balancing machine After reading the Beijing-style casting fair of Beijing, we will appreciate the beauty of Xiangtan Star City. The 19th Hunan International Industrial Equipment Fair in Changsha National Convention and Exhibition Center was held there in may Opening ceremony Jp belt balancing machine and vertical balancing machine will be in harmony with the grand occasion of the exhibition; the high-tech future of th[...]

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Set Up Offices In India 28 May

Set Up Offices In India

Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd's supervisors and senior management attended the meeting. The meeting was convened and presided over by the chairman Jin Wang Meeting held in line with the "company law" and "articles of association" of the relevant provisions of the legitimate and effective.[...]

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Why Choose Balance Machine 21 May

Why Choose Balance Machine

Any rotor spins around its axis, due to the relative to the axis of the uneven quality of centrifugal force. This imbalance causes on the centrifugal force acting on the rotor-bearing vibration, noise and accelerated bearing wear, seriously[...]

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Balancing Machine Terms 14 May

Balancing Machine Terms

1,unbalance, balancingmachine rotorunbalancevaluesonaplaneinsize,doesnotinvolveanglepositionoftheimbalance.Imbalanceofitisequaltotheproductofmassandthecenterofmasstotherotoraxis,inequalityismeasuredinGMMorGCM,commonlyknownasRADIUSproduct. 2[...]

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IMTS 2018 | East Building Booth A8 14 May

IMTS 2018 | East Building Booth A8

We will be attending IMTS 2018 McCormick Place, Chicago, USA 10-15 September. At our booth you can learn about the entire line of balancing machines, try jp balancing machine wide range of process control systems for spindle.motor.blower.au[...]

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So what is dynamic balancing? The ultimate goal of dynamic balancing is to reduce the dynamic unbalance of a rotor to zero, or otherwise to an acceptable level. When vibration in two machinery shafts exists, a single plan or static correcti[...]

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TAPA SHOW 2018 04 Apr


TAPA is one of the most influential and innovative auto parts exhibitions in Asia. It is co-sponsored by the Export Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand and the Association of Automotive Parts Manufacturers of Thailand,[...]

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Working of the Automobile Engine Flywheel 31 Mar

Working of the Automobile Engine Flywheel

T he flywheel is mounted on the power output of the crankshaft. That is, the position where the gearbox and power output gears are connected. In short, the role of the flywheel is to drive the crank linked of the cylinder, if no flywheel en[...]

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JP Invited you to Join Kazan Journey 27 Mar

JP Invited you to Join Kazan Journey

Kazan International Auto Parts Exhibition sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Tatarstan jointly by Messe Frankfurt (Russia) Limited, the exhibition brings together Tatarstan and the surrounding areas of the automotive industr[...]

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Automation Expo 2018 16 Mar

Automation Expo 2018

Mumbai International Automation Exhibition (AutomationExpo) was held in 2002 for the first time, which lasted for more than 14 years. Todays show is more mature and services are more comprehensive. The Mumbai International Industrial Automa[...]

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AMTEX 2018 15 Mar

AMTEX 2018

AMTEX is the leading machine tool exhibition in North India, which brings together industrialists and knowledge leaders from the machine tools and engineering sector from across the globe under a single roof, to display the solution of the[...]

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