Details The Key to Success—Brake Disc Automatic Balancing M 24 Oct

Details The Key to Success—Brake Disc Automatic Balancing M

The regular inspection of vehicles is too one-sided and rough. Many of the parts that you cannot see are difficult to reach, but they have a crucial impact on driving safety, and may even cause potential safety hazards. Therefore, attention must be paid to it. The brake disc is a very important part of the brake system. A good brake disc is stable, no noise, no vibration. Many DIY players do not have the expertise to change brake discs by themselves, because the original brake discs are tested by many professional engineers and are fully able to withstand the braking force of their own cars. Sometimes after replacing the punched brake disc, the brake effect is not necessarily better than the original normal disc. Therefore, if you talk about the safety of the total parts, you also need to be careful when the riders are refitting.[...]

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Flywheel Balancing Machine-Teaches you how to do balance tes 23 Oct

Flywheel Balancing Machine-Teaches you how to do balance tes

Flywheel as a key component connecting car engine system and transmission system, must use flywheel automatic balancing machine for detection and correction before going to market, to ensure stability. The car flywheel belonging to one of the engine components is in line with the flywheel of the bicycle. It is the inertial device that keeps the piston in the engine moving continuously. The flywheel is an energy-charged large disc that is fixed with the gearboxs drive components and rotates with the crankshaft power output Flywheel balancer Make the flywheel more balanced After the balance test of the vehicle flywheel dynamic balancing machine , the quality of the flywheel itself will be improved to a certain extent, and the internal imbalance will be reduced, so that the flywheel can have a higher speed and can store more energy. Thus, after the flywheel is balanced, the energy storage effect of the flywheel itself and the flywheel device as a whole is very good. If the flywheel is not[...]

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Ensure smooth operation of the generator-Motor balancing mac 18 Oct

Ensure smooth operation of the generator-Motor balancing mac

Shanghai Jianping company developed a motor rotor balancing machine (auto positioning car generator rotor balancing machine) is particularly suitable for large quantities of micro-motor rotor balance, Driven by advanced servo drives, to achieve the stepless speed regulationof parameters, to achieve add down speed smoothly. Once the measurement is qualified ,It will stop automatically, if not qualified .it will stop at the point of imbalance automatically. In addition, if customers have the requirements to add or de-weight it can also be achieved. This car generator rotor balancing machine is highly praised by the majority of users because of its high sensitivity and flexible automatic positioning maners Adopted Jp advanced electrical measurement system, the measured value display using digital and vector combinations, all the system parameters are mentioned, and the calibration process has a guide throughout all, and Monitoring center can be set up to monitor real-time measurement of[...]

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Rotor balancing machine accuracy requirements 16 Oct

Rotor balancing machine accuracy requirements

Dynamic imbalance is the most common imbalance, it is a combination of static imbalance and even imbalance. Unbalanced rotor after dynamic balance correction, not only eliminates the occasional imbalance, but also eliminates the static imbalance, then the center of the rotor inertia axis and the rotation axis will be exactly the same, so that the rotor to achieve balance. However, the ideal is that the fullness of reality is skinny, and it is impossible to balance an unbalanced rotor with an unbalanced amount of zero. Because of the accuracy of dynamic balancing equipment and rotor limitations. Therefore, there is a concept of balance accuracy, which is the most reasonable order of magnitude we can achieve under existing conditions, thus satisfying the requirements of production and living as well as the economic requirements. Under what circumstances to dynamic balance verification During the assembly process, the clearances generated between the parts comply with the installation sta[...]

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Impeller balancing machine-A new era of jp balancing machine 15 Oct

Impeller balancing machine-A new era of jp balancing machine

Rotating parts of machinery and equipment, in particular, to tell the dynamic balance of rotating parts has been a better solution for mechanical products such as pumps, the dynamic balance of the impeller there are some problems, mainly poor balance accuracy, low balance of efficiency, Not easy to ensure product technical requirements[...]

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Efficient assistant-Environmental protection motor balancing 12 Oct

Efficient assistant-Environmental protection motor balancing

The new energy vehicle drive motor is currently the development direction of the following aspects: small and lightweight; high efficiency; better torque characteristics; long life, high reliability; low noise; low prices.With the passage of time, the development of new energy-driven[...]

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Jp automatic balancing machine for winding machine rotor 11 Oct

Jp automatic balancing machine for winding machine rotor

with the continuous development of various manufacturing industries, more and more parts need to be balanced, and the production volume is larger. In order to improve the production efficiency of these workpieces and improve working conditions, some enterprises with large production capacity are currently available. Many large manufacturers have adopted automation. Rotating workpieces for dynamic balance detection and verification is one of the basic processes of mechanical components.[...]

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Flywheel automatic balancing machine-Jp  for the future 10 Oct

Flywheel automatic balancing machine-Jp for the future

The flywheel automatic balancing machine is a fully automated machine that provides dynamic balance check for the flywheel. The flywheel will have better performance after being processed by the dynamic balancing machine. What is the flywheel and what is the effect? After doing balance, What effect will it produce to the flywheel ? How does the car engine flywheel work? The car flywheel is mounted on the power output of the crankshaft, that is, the position that connects the gearbox to the work equipment. Simply put, the role of the flywheel is to drive the cycle of the crank connecting rod. If there is no flywheel, you need to rely on the motor to work all the time, you will do more work and increase energy consumption. Why use the flywheel automatic balancing machine to dynamically balance the flywheel? We know that whether the flywheel is installed at the power output end of the engine crankshaft or at the rear end of the crankshaft, the flywheel will be affected by kinetic energy u[...]

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How To Make Car Cooling Fan Quiet And Balanced? 08 Oct

How To Make Car Cooling Fan Quiet And Balanced?

Automotive cooling fan is the main component of the car cooling system, the main function is to make car engine cool , although in the cold winter has its effect, but in the summer, especially in the case of poor traffic condition,It is the weapon for engine cooling[...]

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The importance of rotor balancing to the motor 30 Sep

The importance of rotor balancing to the motor

Why the rotor need to do dynamic balance As the rotor in the manufacturing process and assembly process, the final assembly of the rotor can not always do the full axis of symmetry of power (known as shaft eccentricity), so there is a certain amount of unbalance. This imbalance is often called the original imbalance Accuracy of dynamic balancing machine requirements The minimum remaining balance of unbalance is the smallest remaining unbalance that can be achieved when the balancer balances the rotor and is a measure of the highest balancing capability of the balancing machine. To make rotor balancing accuracy is high (that is, the remaining amount of unbalance is small), we must try to exclude the factors that affect the accuracy of imbalance The importance of t wo station automatic balancing machines Due to the unbalanced force, if not corrected, the rotating equipment has a strong destructive, not only damage to the bearing support, will also cause the machine foundation cracking, w[...]

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Improve new energy motor market-Dynamic balancing technology 29 Sep

Improve new energy motor market-Dynamic balancing technology

New energy motor, also known as environmentally friendly motor, electric vehicle motor, new energy vehicle drive motor, etc., but the essence is the same, in order to save energy and reduce emissions to protect the environment 。Then transformation of environmentally friendly motor is very necessary.[...]

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When We Can Sure The Brake Disc Is Stable 28 Sep

When We Can Sure The Brake Disc Is Stable

The position of the brake disc in the car: 1. Security Brake system is to ensure the most important parts of traffic safety, in walking through the street, to ensure the reliability of frequent braking; in the steep slope to eliminate the impact of continuous braking caused by overheating; in the emergency brake, to ensure that the braking time and the braking distance is the shortest.[...]

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A good heater can not do without fan heater balancing machin 27 Sep

A good heater can not do without fan heater balancing machin

Turns warm or cold can occasionally be able to see, take today, the temperature is lower than yesterday four or five degrees, when traveling or feeling a bit chilly wind bursts. When driving the hands are frozen state, but sometimes open the car warm air, you will find the location of the co-pilot inside the creaking sound, then you dare to open the warm it? How to deal with this situation? Analysis of the working principle of the car heater After the air filter air conditioner filter will enter the evaporator cooling, into cold air. Then enter the hot and cold switch is divided into two. If you hit the hot air switch, then it will take the hot water tank line, after heating the hot water tank into hot air and then blown out, resulting in hot air temperature inside the car. Spring and autumn weather is not too cold air humidity can also hit the hot air at the same time open the AC, dry heating can also be very effective to the fog. If it is below zero in the north of the weather, the a[...]

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Disc shaped rotor vertical drilling automatic balancing mach 26 Sep

Disc shaped rotor vertical drilling automatic balancing mach

Why manufacture vertical drill balancing machines? In order to allow the customer to balance the workpiece faster and more efficiently when using the balancing machine, the small and medium batch production of the workpiece is completed, and each workpiece for balance checking is balanced from balance measurement, angular positioning, drilling to heavy Test, achieve automation. Widely used in the balance correction of automobile clutch pressure plate, flywheel, pulley and water pump impeller Clutch pressure plate The clutch platen is the active part of the clutch and is responsible for providing pressure to the clutch friction plates and for achieving clutch separation and engagement. When the clutch is engaged, the platen presses against the friction plate of the clutch, and engine power is transmitted to the transmission input shaft through the friction plate. flywheel The direct and important function of the car flywheel is to store a part of the energy and inertia of the engine dur[...]

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JP vertical milling automatic balancing machine for brake di 24 Sep

JP vertical milling automatic balancing machine for brake di

When the brake disc of a car is cast, it is generally centered on the axis. This center point will appear to be lighter on one side. When the disc-shaped workpiece is rotated at a high speed, the parabola generated is not in a circle. This caused the car to feel jittery while it was in progress, and at this time the dynamic balancing machin e was to eliminate this problem. The high-quality brake discs also need to be tested for dynamic balance. After a certain period of investigation, Shanghai Jianping developed a vertical milling automatic balancing machine . This automatic balancing machine is specially developed for disc-shaped workpieces. , Other than brake disc is applicable, it is also used for automatic measurement of a variety of disc-shaped workpieces. The vertical milling automatic balancing machine adopts the new technology of Jianping. It automatically controls the dynamic balance of the workpiece, the positioning of the angle, the drilling and de-duplication method and the[...]

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival-JP Balancing Machine 21 Sep

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival-JP Balancing Machine

Mid-Autumn Festival, family gathering, happy. Some people say that every time during the festive season Mid-Autumn Festival is a deeper thought. Especially the moment when this round of high moon is hanging high Mid-Autumn Festival, Acacia Reunion in the world, its fun and warm Happy dreams, happy and happy Blessings are passed down, mellow friendship with first-line[...]

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Micro motor rotor automatic balancing machine 20 Sep

Micro motor rotor automatic balancing machine

With the continuous development of China's power tool industry, not only the demand for small and medium-sized motor rotors is increasing, but also higher requirements are placed on the manufacturing precision and reliability of the rotor. The amount of rotor imbalance caused by the misalignment of the centroid and the center of mass during the machining process is an important factor affecting the performance and accuracy of the rotor. Nowadays, the mainstream method of eliminating the imbalance is to carry out the rotor dynamic balance. The manual dynamic balance causes low efficiency and is not suitable for industrial large-scale production. The fully automatic balancing machine has come into the world ![...]

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Automotive Engineering Expo 2018 19 Sep

Automotive Engineering Expo 2018

AEE 2018 (The 5th China (Chongqing) Automotive Engineering Technology Exhibition), as an important technology display platform for expanding the western automobile manufacturing market, will be held at the Chongqing International Expo Center from September 19 to 21, 2018. It is understood that the exhibition exhibits include cutting-edge technology, automotive materials, manufacturing engineering, etc., and as the leader in the car balancing machine, Shanghai Jianping will also appear in this automotive engineering technology exhibition, dedicated to using better products. To serve the majority of car users.[...]

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Rotor two station automatic balancing machine 18 Sep

Rotor two station automatic balancing machine

When it comes to rotor motor balancing machines, you must not be unfamiliar. But do you know the wound rotor motor? The wound rotor motor is actually similar to the asynchronous motorin working principle we are familiar with. Say similarly because the structure of the wound rotor motor and the asynchronous motor are different. Its rotor is made up of distributed windings, and if the winding on the rotor is shorted at the collector ring, then the motor becomes a normal cage asynchronous motor. This fully developed fully automatic balancing machine is designed for wound rotors with a high level of balance correction. And this machine can balance the winding machine rotor with a weight of 1.6 kg and a diameter of 35~60 mm. As a two-station automatic balancing machine that balances and corrects various types of micro motor rotors. The rotor two-station automatic balancing machine is no less than other products of Shanghai Jianping. This electric two-station automatic balancing machine uses[...]

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