New energy auto industry-Jp balance machine helps you 10 Sep

New energy auto industry-Jp balance machine helps you

At present, the new energy automobile industry has developed rapidly in the world and has sprung up everywhere. As one of the three core technologies of new energy vehicles (complete vehicle system, battery system, motor system), the motor system is the main execution structure of the vehicle. The characteristics of the motor determine the main performance of the vehicle. A good motor system can greatly improve the handling, power saving, endurance and intelligence of the whole vehicle[...]

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Jp Vertical drilling automatic balancing machine 07 Sep

Jp Vertical drilling automatic balancing machine

Due to the design of the disc components, uneven material, manufacturing and installation, there are often some initial imbalances in the rotating disc components. These unbalanced rotary parts generate periodic excitation force when rotating, causing vibration and noise, increasing equipment energy consumption, accelerating mechanical wear, reducing service life, causing equipment failures and even accidents. So Balance Machine will help meet eligibility criteria[...]

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Semi-automatic car condensing fan dynamic balancing machine 05 Sep

Semi-automatic car condensing fan dynamic balancing machine

The automobile condensing fan balancing machine is a balancing device designed and developed by Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for the car condensing fan. It mainly tests the dynamic balance of the car condensing fan. By performing dynamic balance test under the set speed, the size and position of the unbalance amount are measured, and the weight is adjusted according to the customer's demand, thereby reducing the unbalance amount to meet the customer's demand.[...]

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Auto Aftermarket Guangzhou 2018 04 Sep

Auto Aftermarket Guangzhou 2018

The largest auto spare parts, supplies and reconditioning, maintenance and testing and diagnostic equipment exhibition in Southern China, China -- Guangzhou international auto parts and aftermarket Exhibition (AAG) will be opened from 3 to 5 September 2018 in Guangzhou World Expo. [...]

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Jp balancing machine boosts new energy industry 03 Sep

Jp balancing machine boosts new energy industry

For the synonym of new energy vehicles, it may not be unfamiliar to everyone. New energy vehicles not only have different technological innovations than ordinary cars, but also innovate in shape design, and are favored by countless young consumers. Jp 's dynamic balance machine follows this craze and has launched a new energy balancing machine. This new energy balancer developed by the company is divided into a new energy automatic balancing machine and a new energy manual balancing machine. Different types of balancing machines are born to meet the needs of different customers. Intimate design, what are you waiting for?[...]

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Importance of dynamic balance machine for pulley industry 31 Aug

Importance of dynamic balance machine for pulley industry

In China, the pulley industry has a large share in the domestic market. At present, the gap between China and foreign machinery mainframe manufacturing has been shrinking, but there are still many long-term dependence on imports in the production of parts and components. Therefore, China's pulley companies must stick to it. The road to independent innovation and the development of new product markets have achieved remarkable results. In order to achieve such remarkable results, it is necessary to use the pulley automatic balancing machine equipment produced by Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine to help[...]

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How does brake drum improve the quality-Jp balancing machine 29 Aug

How does brake drum improve the quality-Jp balancing machine

Nowadays, the automobile industry is developing rapidly, not only reforming and innovating, but also developing new energy vehicles, and it is also making the previous models vivid. However, the quality of cars is also uneven. To improve quality and safety, we must start from the manufacturing equipment of key components. Brake drum is one of the indispensable parts of the car. Let us explain how to improve the quality of the car to ensure the safety of the car.[...]

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JP Balancing Machine in Automation Expo 2018 28 Aug

JP Balancing Machine in Automation Expo 2018

Automation Expo, the largest Automation Instrumentation exhibition in South-East Asia is all set to make a mark in 2018 as well. Under the valiant leadership of Dr. M Arokiaswamy, IED Communications has been successfully hosting Automation Expo and achieving its objective to fuel innovation and growth for 14 years now. The Automation exhibition was rolled-out on a biennial frequency beginning in the year 2002, but since 2011, this has become an annual event. Today, its an ideal platform for Indian and global automation industry to converge and showcase the cutting-edge technologies, advancements, systems, and services.[...]

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Jp four-station automatic balancing machine 27 Aug

Jp four-station automatic balancing machine

For the mechanical industry, power tools are one of the most important production and supplies in our daily lives. Different power tools such as electric drills, electric screwdrivers, cutting power tools, electric planers, etc. can be seen everywhere. However, due to the influence of materials and manufacturing process equipment, the power tool will generate corresponding vibration when it rotates. This vibration will not only cause annoying noise, but also affect the loss of the service life to a certain extent. Even causing certain dangers. Nowadays, in order to meet the demand of production, the machinery has gradually developed in the direction of refinement, large-scale and high-speed. Therefore, for such problems in the machinery industry, we have to use the automatic balancing machine to dynamically balance the rotor of the machine. Compared with the current domestic and international mainstream automatic balancing machine, it is mostly a two-station model, but there is still a[...]

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Complete Jp balancing machinep-help clutch run smoothly 24 Aug

Complete Jp balancing machinep-help clutch run smoothly

The popularity of cars for the public is getting higher and higher, and one component that is familiar to us should be the clutch. Asked, maybe everyone will know more about the role of some clutches, but are you all familiar with all ? Let us unveil the four functions of the clutch! 1. The most important function of the clutch is to ensure a smooth start of the car. 2. The second functions of the car clutch are: a smooth transition of the shift can be achieved. 3. The third function of the car clutch is to prevent overloading of the transmission system. 4. The fourth function of the car clutch is: reduce the torsional vibration shock The working principle of the car engine determines the instability of its output torque. Although the inertia of the engines own rotating system can reduce torsional vibration, the remaining impact force still adversely affects the subsequent gearbox and transmission shaft. The presence of the clutch can significantly reduce the torsional vibration caused[...]

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CITEXPO 2018 20 Aug


On August 20, 2018, the 16th China International Tire Expo (CITEXPO) was opened at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. The expo lasted for three days, during which 276 companies from all over the world participated in the exhibition. At the exhibition, various specifications of tires, rims and other products were placed in the exhibition area. Among the many exhibits, the double-Plane vertical balancing machine of Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was highly praised by the visitors after the appearance of the double-plane vertical balancing machine. On the first day of Expo, Shanghai Jianpings exhibition (Hall.2.2165) was already crowded. Many visitors have asked Shanghai Jianping about the principle and function of the balancing machine. Although so many visitors, Jianping staff did not panic, They patiently and methodically solved the problem for everyone, and at the same time gave them a demonstration of product features. Durin[...]

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Prospect of Automatic Balancing Machine 15 Aug

Prospect of Automatic Balancing Machine

If you want to know the development prospects of the fully automatic balancing machine , you need to understand the brief history of the development of the balancing machine, so that you can understand the balancing machine industry from the shallower to the deeper: In 1866, the German company Siemens invented the generator. Four years later, Canadian Henry Martinson applied for a patent for balancing technology, which kicked off the balance correction industry. In 1907, Dr. Franz Lawaczek provided improved balancing techniques to Mr. Carl Schenck, who produced the first double-plan balancing machine in 1915. Until the end of the 1940s, all balancing processes were based on purely mechanical balancing equipment. It has been more than 100 years old from the manufacture of balancing machine. However, the history of the development of balancing machines is mainly in recent decades. Below we talk about the development of Chinas balancing machine industry in recent years. It is reported tha[...]

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Wuhan Office of JP Dynamic Balancing Machine 08 Aug

Wuhan Office of JP Dynamic Balancing Machine

On August 5, 2018, the Wuhan Office of Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was officially launched. It is now located in Room 2401, C6 Building, Wanda, Caidian District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. This marks that Shanghai Jianping has opened up a flourishing road in the country and is one of the important milestones in Jianpings historical process. To celebrate the arrival of this moment, Shanghai Jianping held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Wuhan office. The event was extraordinary. Not only did the Southwest Office Manager Zibo, Wuhan Guangdong Office Manager Xu Bin, Shanghai Sales Manager Cheng Zhenxiang and Qingdao Office Manager Chen Xiaoyang and the staff of the office participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony, but also invited Shanghai. Wang Jin, general manager of Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine, added color to the Wuhan office. When the pointer jumped to the end of the game, everyone slashed the ribbon, bringing new vitality to the Wuhan[...]

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AMTS2018 06 Jul


The 14th Shanghai International Automobile Manufacturing Technology and Equipment and Materials Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as AMTS 2018) is the China Automotive Equipment Exhibition, which was grandly opened on July 4th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition will open 8 exhibition halls with an exhibition area of more than 100,000 square meters. One-stop display of automobile body stamping, joining and painting, powertrain assembly, assembly and testing, vehicle materials and design, development and trial production, Innovative technologies and applications in assembly engineering such as final assembly and testing, quality control and assembly, and core component processing. With the theme of Traditional Manufacturing Meets Future Car Development, the exhibition is expected to bring together 800 exhibitors from all over the world to attract 80,000 professional visitors. As one of our main markets, the auto parts industry has re-installed , and it has be[...]

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International machine tools gather in Beijing, dynamic balan 26 Jun

International machine tools gather in Beijing, dynamic balan

The international machine tool exhibition, which is known as the worlds third largest, has opened today officially ! The exhibition lasted from June 26th to 30th, 2018. Shanghai Jianping brought our balancing machine: machine tool spindle balancing machine , vertical drilling automatic balancing machine , brake disc automatic balancing machine in BeijingNew China International Exhibition Center, booth number: W4 B606 Wonderful moments, look ahead: our beauty, handsome guys gather in Beijing, to present you a better Jianping! Exhibition site Exhibition site Exhibition site About Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.: Founded in 2004, our company is a supplier of dynamic balancing machine equipment. It is also a high-tech industrial entity consisting of RD personnel and backbone elites with years of experience in balancing machines. Our main products include: fully automatic balancing machine series, universal joint balancing machine series, and belt balanci[...]

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Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with Jp Balancing Machine 15 Jun

Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with Jp Balancing Machine

Although the ancient Dragon Boat Festival was used for festivals, since ancient times, people from all industrial have paid much attention to such a big festival. Therefore, the activities have been enriched, and even some customs have been inherited today. : Dragon boat The Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Race is an important event of the Dragon Boat Festival and is very popular in southern China, especially in Guangdong. The dragon boat has a long history and has been circulated for more than two thousand years. It is a traditional folk water sports entertainment project in China. It is mostly held in festive festivals and is a multi-person collective rowing competition. After being sent abroad, it was deeply loved by people of all countries and formed a competition. 2. Sachet The Dragon Boat Festival children wear sachets, and it is said that there is a sense of shunning evil spirits. Actually, it is used for decoration of hoes. 3. Hanging Acacia In the Dragon Boat Festival, people[...]

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In the 1870s, the second engineering revolution began in the advent of generators. Human history began to enter the electrical era, and motor inventions became one of the achievements. Since then, various types of electrical equipment have emerged as the times have emerged, and continue to develop. As an ideal partner for the motor, the balancing machine is certainly not behind. Just today: June 13th - June 15th, 2018, Shanghai Jianping dynamic balancing machine keeps up with the development, in line with the concept of improving the development of the motor industry, opening dazzlingly! The expo is an industry exchange and building a platform. Shanghai Jianping is following the craze and launching a balance machine exhibition with the theme of motor. At the exhibition, four motor balancing machines shined and they do balancing for different motors. New energy motor balance correction: 1. New energy automatic balancing machine 2. Manual new energy balance machine Micro motor balance co[...]

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