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Jp Balancing Machine at AMTS 2019

AMTS 2019 will be organized by Reed Exhibitions Hengjin (RHJ), a joint venture (JV) between Reed Exhibitions Great China and Shanghai Forever Exhibition Co., Ltd. RHJ is also a member of Reed Exhibitions Greater China. For the 15th edition of AMTS, 800 exhibitors and more than 80,000 visitors from around the world will network, source, learn and explore together at the event of the year for automotive engineering industry.

 The booth number of Shanghai Jianping: E3-J10, the booth area is 168m2. The exhibition has a total of 8 exhibition halls, creating a special exhibition area, and displaying various aspects of automobile manufacturing, equipment and materials. Shanghai Jianping took 12 automatic balancing machines and shocked the exhibition to help develop the dynamic balance technology of the auto parts industry.

Fully automatic hub measuring balance machinebrake disc automatic balancing machine, brake drum automatic balancing machinecrankshaft flywheel automatic balancing machinefive-station winding rotor automatic balancing machinegenerator rotor two-station automatic balancing machine Let the dynamic balance of auto parts achieve full automation, reduce labor and increase production efficiency