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Why cross flow fan need do balancing measurement

Cross Flow Fan is mainly composed of the impeller, airduct and an electric motor. It was a widely used air supply component in the split-type air conditioner, and its aerodynamic characteristics determine the air volume, noise, power consumption and other performance indicators of the household air conditioner.
The performance of the cross-flow fan is mainly determined by the quality of the impeller manufacturing. Cross Flow Fan Impeller is composed of end covers and middle sections which connected end to end. Due to its complicated structure and the limitations of mold technology, it is difficult to make injection molding at one take. Ultrasonic welding technology is widely used in the production of Cross Flow Fan Industry. However, it was hard to guarantee the dynamic balance performance, due to connecting the impellers through welding them one by one.

So, it is indispensable to have the dynamic balancing measurement and correction in the manufacturing process of the cross flow fan. If the unbalanced impellers are being used in the air conditioners, it will cause problems such as high noise and serious shaft wear. Therefore, it is necessary to do dynamic balancing measurement and correction for the welded cross flow fan impellers.

Our Cross Flow Fan Balancing Machine have two types, just do balance for cross flow fan impellers, or do balance for the whole cross flow fan which including its own electric motor. The difference is that the former needs to be additionally equipped with a drive mechanism with a motor, such as belt drive structure, but the latter is adopting its own motor to drive the fan and only needs to be connected to the power supply without an additional drive mechanism.
After balancing measurement, the unbalanced cross flow fan impeller require balance correction, usually by adding special plastic clips to the unbalance point in cross flow fan impeller. The plastic clips looks like below picture.

Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Company has two model of cross flow fan balancing machine,  5kg and 16kg capacity, which can fully meet the needs of various cross flow fanimpeller, such as tower fan, air curtain machine and split-type air conditioner. We have more than dozen years of experience in this industry and have cooperated with many customers in domestic and abroad. This model of balancing machine has also received warm acclaim from our customers!