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Efficient assistant-Environmental protection motor balancing

Environmental protection motor future prospects
The new energy vehicle drive motor is currently the development direction of the following aspects: small and lightweight; high efficiency; better torque characteristics; long life, high reliability; low noise; low prices.With the passage of time, the development of new energy-driven motors presents the following trends:
① motor body permanent magnetization
② motor control digitization
③ motor system integration


New energy vehicle motor belows to low-voltage motor, due to its particularity application.compare to low-pressure products it has a high performance requirements

1) speed range: the new energy vehicles have two types of operating conditions, in the start, acceleration, climbing, the request to work in the constant torque range; in high speed, the motor is required to work in constant power range;
2) high power density, mainly in order to minimize the car space constraints, the battery power, improve the mileage;
3) safe and reliable, requiring stable operation of the motor and seismic, good heat dissipation;
4) lightweight, that is, the motor is small, to meet the requirements of vehicle lightweight;
5) overload capacity: in the start, acceleration, climbing conditions, the motor requires a 4-5 times the overload capacity.


Environmental protection motor balancing machine, best assistant for motor industry
In order to better help the new energy motor manufacturers to improve work efficiency and reduce the error result from artificial work, Jianping balancing machineto increase the power head in both end, with the pneumatic hold the workpiece function , Can de-weight in the machine without unload the workpieces, so as to improve work efficiency.
Environmental protection motor balancing machine with a professional design bracket, can effectively transfer mechanical force, good rigidity to ensure that the vibration damping of the machine is relatively small; high sensitivity sensor and permanent calibration measurement principle, to achieve a very high accuracy. In addition, in order to make the operator feel comfortable during the operation, advanced measurement system, make man-machine interface more friendly, at the same time, the design also refers to ergonomics, so to ensure the comfort of staff in operation.