Working Principle Of The Auto Parts Balancing Machine

Posted on 2018-05-31
Auto Parts Balancing Machines The working principle of the auto parts balancing machine Corrects the unbalance of the rotor according to the data measured by the balancing machine to improve the mass distribution of the rotor relative to the axis so that the vibration generated during the rotation of the rotor or the vibration force acting on the bearing is reduced to Within the range. Therefore, the balancing machine is an indispensable device for reducing vibration, improving performance and improving quality.
  In general, the balance of the rotor includes two steps of measurement and correction of the unbalance, which is mainly used for the measurement of unbalance, and the correction of the unbalance is often done by means of other auxiliary equipment such as drilling machines, milling machines and spot welding machines, Method is completed. Some balancing machines have made the calibration device a part of the balancing machine.
  Auto Parts Balancing Machines Gravity balancing machines and centrifugal balancing machines are two typical balancing machines. Gravity balancing machines are commonly referred to as static balancing machines. It is dependent on the rotor's own gravity to measure static imbalance.
  The equilibrated rotor is placed on a bearing supported by a hydrostatic bearing and a mirror is fitted underneath the support. When there is no imbalance in the rotor, the light beam emitted by the light source is reflected by the reflector and projected onto the polar coordinate origin of the unbalance indicator. If there is an unbalance in the rotor, the rotor bearing is tilted under the moment of the unbalanced moment of gravity, and the mirror under the bearing is tilted and the reflected beam is deflected so that the light beam shines on the polar coordinate indicator Point will leave the origin. Depending on the coordinate position of the spot deflection, the size and position of the unbalance amount can be obtained.
  In the high-speed rotation will produce a very large centrifugal force, but how to determine whether the dynamic balancing machine is working? Or the balance of the machine there is a failure we do not know yet.
  Auto Parts Balancing Machines In general, the balances of the balances displayed are approximately 180 degrees or about zero. If there is no change, it is clear that the dynamic balancing machine sensor line or sensor problems. The solution is to plug the No. 1 plug, then the No. 2 sensor line plug unplugged. Similarly, the method can also determine whether the sensor line 2 and the sensor is normal. The balancing machine user can find a professional operator to repair the defective sensor line or sensor against another sensor line and sensor.