Vertical balancing machine to promote the automotive industry innovation

Posted on 2017-11-09
Development of balancing machine has been a hundred years so far. The so-called balancing machine is mainly a instrument used to determine the rotor imbalance, it can automatically correct according to the measurement results. So as to improve the mass distribution of the balanced rotor so that the vibration of the journal or the force acting on the bearing during operation of the rotor is reduced to within a predetermined range


Therefore balancing machine is the essential equipment to reduce vibration, improve performance and improve the quality . The so-called dynamic balancing machine is to measure the size of the rotating object (rotor) size and position of the machine


According to the working principle and application, The balancing machine is divided into hard bearing balancing machines and soft bearing balancing machines, according to the application, it is divided into horizontal balancing machine and vertical balancing machines as well as general and specialized Balancing machine


When we choose a suitable dynamic balancing machine, we should do rigorous testing, while not ignoring the life of the equipment and measurement accuracy considerations. After doing dynamic balance test for motor rotor, we should allow reasonable control of the remaining unbalance to make the rotor in the actual work process vibration and noise levels can reach a qualified standard


Jp automatic vertical drilling balancing machine new upgrade
As a well-known high-level balancer brand in China, Jp automatic drilling balancing machine has experienced three major changesfrom the beginning of production and R & D


After two major innovations,Jp automatic drilling balancing machine , the most direct change in appearance, the appearance is more with a strong sense of three-dimensional, and ergonomic design allows the operator to operate more Smooth and comfortable. The new upgraded electrical measurement system can store more measurement data, and the measurement system is more advanced, to better ensure the balancing accuracy


Whether it is a connected car clutch between a car engine and a gearbox or a car flywheel that holds a power accumulator in a car engine or a pulley that is an important part of power transmission can be completed using a Jp A1LZ1 automatic drilling balancing machine for Balancing check