Vertical Balancing Machines-Vertical Balancer Industry Application

Posted on 2018-06-01
Vertical balancing machine industry applications With the continuous development of productivity, machinery industry in the continuous improvement of the use of vertical balancing machine has been widely open, let us work together to explore the vertical balance machine in all walks of life in the use of it!
  Let you understand the vertical balance machine, moving vertical balancing machine is widely used, can be divided into ten categories:
  1. Heavy industry: turbines, large generators, water trucks, large-scale variable speed gears, large motor centrifuges, mixers, garbage disposal machines.
  2. Automotive industry: tires, crankshaft, drive shaft, clutch, brake drum, flywheel car with various types of motor, cooling fan, supercharger.
  3. Household electrical appliances: vacuum motor, juice machine with motor, fan, medium motor, drum, air conditioning with various types of parts, computer disk
  4. Blower: general blower (industrial)
  5. Agricultural machinery: engine parts (crankshaft, flywheel, etc.) tools, chain saws and other parts.
  6. Small motor: small motor rotor for household appliances, motor rotor for motor, rotor for recorder.
  7. Mechanical parts: paper wheel, pump blades, all kinds of gears, torque converter, textile machine parts, elevator parts.
  8. Aviation: gyroscope, aviation engine, propeller blades, aircraft tires, clocks, watches and other parts.
  9. Work machine: grinding machine, cutter, all kinds of spindle, gear.
  Dynamic vertical balancing machine is a lot of features, but the vertical balancing machine there is the decomposition of the inertial force, dynamic vertical balancing machine decomposition of the inertial force is how it is, according to the plane of the Department of force, were remitted one, that is, The power generated.
  Vertical Balancing Machines Any one of the rigid rotor balances can be adjusted on the vertical axis 2 and the balance, which is the principle of the rigid rotor balance on both sides of the dedicated vertical balancing machine mechanical system based on the design of the balance principle designed according to the dynamic vertical balancing machine to support the reaction force and to determine the fixed Of the centrifugal force to ensure uniform surface corrective action. The vertical balancing machine can improve the mass distribution of the equilibrated rotor so that the vibration of the journal during operation of the rotor or the force acting on the bearing is reduced to the specified range. Its use has brought convenience to our lives.
  Vertical Balancing Machines An unbalanced rotor produces a pressure on its support structure and the rotor itself during its rotation and causes vibration. Therefore, the balance of the rotor is very necessary