Transmission shaft balance problem

Posted on 2017-09-08
As the most powerful part of the transmission power of the vehicle, the speed of the drive shaft itself is high, but there is no to support itself, so the balance of the drive shaft is crucial.
The drive shaft is simply constructed
Transmission shafts are usually made of lightweight but torsional very good alloy steel pipe, constitute the drive shaft of the steel pipe part cannot be regarded as rigid body. For the front engine rear wheel drive the car, the drive shaft function is simply summed up the transmission can be transmitted to the main reducer. Its main components are: shaft, telescopic sleeve and universal joint.
Transmission shaft balance problem
Convex welding machine shaft balancing machine, in the transmission shaft balancer on the basis of the addition of a convex welder to increase, so as to improve the drive shaft itself, the unbalanced problem, why in the transmission shaft balancing machine to add this equipment? What are the factors that take into account the dynamic balance of the drive shaft?


From the balance point of view of the balance of the drive shaft, because the shaft part of the drive shaft is not rigid, so the maximum speed of the car under the drive shaft speed is generally not more than the first order of the critical speed, but the actual situation, This speed is almost close to the first order of the critical speed of 60% to 80%. Unbalanced distribution in this situation under the high-speed rotation will inevitably occur under the inevitable deflection. It is reasonable to say that in this case, the drive shaft is best for three-sided balance. But taking into account the characteristics of the mass production of the drive shaft, in fact, the use of double-sided balance can achieve a stable balance effect.
Unbalanced correction is to prepare in advance the different quality of the plate-like heavy spot welding or convex welding to the drive shaft, which is convex welding machine shaft balancing machine to be specially equipped with a convex welder reason. That will speed up the efficiency of the drive shaft balancer.


The car cannot leave it smoothly - the welding machine shaft balancing machine
The way the car can’t be smooth every time, always encounter slightly bumpy or rugged sections, driving in this section of the car will certainly happen to vibration. But if the drive shaft is damaged or there is a balance, even if the car is running in a smooth section, there will be a large abnormal vibration and abnormal sound, such as the car chassis will issue a lower roar, the car started big noise, and this sound will increase with the car speed and increase, affecting the car driving.