The Damage A Unbalanced Fans Have And Ways to Achieve Balance

Posted on 2017-09-01
The radiator fan is used to improve the air flow rate and flow through the radiator to enhance the heat dissipation capacity of the radiator. The fan is usually installed in the back of the radiator, usually coaxial with the pump, the fan rotation, the air suction, so that it flows in the axial direction, the air from front to back through the radiator core, so that the cooling water through the radiator core Accelerated cooling, which play a role in strengthening the cooling of the engine. The normal operation of the car fan can avoid the engine overheating, the normal work of the engine plays an important role in the wind field, and improve engine life. Car fan belt the pulley and the fan shaft are connected. The way on the fan pulley, is a static unbalanced part. So the fans need to be assembled with weeks after the dynamic balance experiment.

The hazards of the imbalance of the automobile fan pulley system generally have the following aspects. Unbalanced inertia force will cause additional power, resulting in increased friction and internal stress. The wheel shaft wear and tear increased, reduced strength, reduced efficiency. Thus affecting vehicle performance. Due to unbalanced inertia caused by the whole will intensify, resulting in lower quality and reliability of work, noise becomes larger, also may cause resonance, affecting vehicle performance. In the water-cooled car engine, the fan speed and air volume and the engine speed is proportional. The moving imbalance is proportional to the speed that is, when the speed of the car is very high, the fan pulley's dynamic imbalance is becoming more and more obvious, and the impact on the engine performance is more serious. It is likely to cause the engine overheating, resulting in car safety problems.
Improve dynamic balance performance method. The low speed of the measured position and size of the imbalance, directly through the mechanical processing method will produce the amount of imbalance that part of the quality removed, and then increase the speed, remove weight on its unbalanced position to. Repeat the above process at the rated speed of the case to achieve the required level of balance. This method to achieve the dynamic balance of the car fan system, greatly reduces the noise caused by the imbalance caused by vibration. This can improve the ride comfort of the vehicle and avoid damage to the components caused by its imbalance and reduce the failure rate.