Necessity Of Bending Rotor Calibration

Posted on 2018-05-18
Curved shaft features:


1, typically the same between the two bearings of the rotor axial vibration phase of close to 180 degrees, and the degree of bending. In addition, if the same bearing axial direction for a number of measurements of different points, usually found in the bearing of the left and right, top and bottom measuring phase angle close to 180 degrees phase difference between.


2, if the curve close to the axis of the Centre, usually the dominant vibration frequency 1X speed vibration, if bent close to the coupling will produce 2X vibrations of the higher than usual value component.


3, 1X rotation frequency 2X frequency and amplitude are usually stable, if there is a large electromagnetic vibrations, it will cause the 2X and 2X frequency power frequency component of the beat.want more .please visit Jp Balancing Machine