The Pump Impeller Balancing Machine

Posted on 2017-09-05
Pumps use a wide range of energy consumption. According to the information expected, China's total energy is about 20% of the water pump is consumed. So the use of energy consumption in the pump more and more attention, in addition to the external frequency control and other energy-saving technologies have applied the field of pumps, the pump itself has to make improvements in energy conservation.


Impeller can be the role of centrifugal force to the energy flow to the pump, so that the liquid speed and pressure to enhance the discharge of the liquid, the stability of the level of quality and quality of the pump will have a greater impact on the overall. As a leader in the balancing machine industry, JP Balancing Machines has completed the research and development of the pump impeller balancing machine after analyzing the market and customer demand to meet the specific needs of customers.


Impeller balancing machine and what role?
Impeller as the core component of the pump is the main factor affecting the efficiency of the pump, the impeller through the motor drive rotation, so that the media (water) received centrifugal force or lifting force, so that the media has mechanical kinetic energy.



Under certain operating conditions, if the impeller design is not good or there is no good balance of stability, will be in the pump inlet and leaves at the water loss and loss of space, so the choice of the time must choose a good pump impeller The And the pump impeller balancing machine will be able to pump balm to provide a balanced check, to improve its stability, quality improvement.


High precision, high efficiency and perfect impeller balance machine measurement range; modular design, using the latest technology, the work piece from the balance measurement, angle positioning, drilling and heavy test, all the implementation of automation; with simple operation, Easy to use, high precision characteristics; especially for small and medium-volume production.


Characteristics of Pump Impeller Balancing Machine


1. Artificial loading and unloading


2. 15 inch touch screen


3. Balanced machine measurement software advanced


4. Automatic measurement, automatic drilling correction, automatic re-test


5. The work piece can be more than twice to re-correction


6. Steel machine-type structure design, high service life.