High precision grinding wheel balancing machine

Posted on 2017-09-06
The grinding wheel is the main tool for the grinding machine, and it is necessary to prevent the grinding wheel from grinding out the more accurate size and smooth surface to prevent the vibration of the grinding wheel in the process of rotation. The structure of the grinding wheel is composed of a large number of uneven particles, due to the grinding wheel in the process of production of the density, installation, and other processes will cause the wheel vibration, grinding machine spindle and the use of a large consumption. JP Balancing Machines production of high-precision grinding wheel balancing machine can be achieved by the wheel of the dynamic balance of the wheel to achieve the best dynamic balance of rotation, so that the quality of the wheel, while improving the life of the grinding machine spindle.

JP Balancing Machines as a professional balancing machine manufacturers, drilling wheel balancing machine technology has reached more than 10 years, a wealth of experience in grinding wheel balancing machine manufacturing. JP Balancing Machines recommend the use of grinding wheel dynamic balance detection products: ring with a balancing machine, single-sided vertical balancing machine.
PHQ series balancing machine is particularly suitable for motor rotor, fan impeller, pump impeller, supercharger rotor, centrifuge rotor, roller, machine tool spindle, crankshaft and other mechanical parts of the balance detection. Using the belt with a direct drive to reduce the fixture of the error, simple operation, and higher detection accuracy.

PHLD series balancing machine is particularly suitable for clutch, brake disc, brake drum, pulley, saw blade, fan rotor, chuck, flange, and other non-journal disc rotor balance detection. According to the special nature of such a rotor, the use of highly sensitive sensors, the machine stable and reliable, high sensitivity. Configuration of the special fixture, to meet the user fast and efficient detection requirements, is the preferred disk-shaped rotor products.