Attach Importance To The Crankshaft Flywheel Group Dynamic Balance

Posted on 2017-09-13
The dynamic balance of the crankshaft flywheel group means that the main rotary parts of the crankshaft flywheel and the clutch platen are assembled together for dynamic balancing check in the engine assembly process to make the operation smooth and thus extend the service life of the engine. In recent years, we are in the process of crankshaft flywheel balance check and found that most of the auto repair companies do not attach importance to the crankshaft flywheel group dynamic balance, which affects the quality of vehicle maintenance and car life.
Influence of Unbalance of Crankshaft Flywheel on Engine Operation
The dynamic imbalance of the crankshaft flywheel group can cause vibration on engine. As the vibration consumes part of the energy, the engine's power is reduced. Vibration enhance crankshaft bearing depression. In addition, the crankshaft imbalance can also cause some common engine failure. Such as vibration easily induce oil seal damage and oil spills. The vibrations of the engine can also accumulate the flywheel shell load associated with the frame to become fragmented.

Resulting in unbalanced crankshaft flywheel causes
The cause of the crankshaft flywheel group imbalance is usually the following aspects:
1, before the engine assembly, crankshaft flywheel and clutch pressure plate have been assembled together for dynamic balance check. The unbalanced mass was adding pressure on the platen bolts to eliminate unbalance. When replacing the clutch friction plate, the maintenance person careless take off the mass or move to wrong position, undermining the original dynamic balance.
2, replacing a new crankshaft is easy to damage the crankshaft flywheel group dynamic balance. We found in the practice of crankshaft dynamic balance test, some crankshaft did not carry out dynamic balance test on the inflow into the accessories market.
3, replace the flywheel or clutch pressure plate. It is easy to damage the crankshaft flywheel group of dynamic balance. Flywheel and clutch pressure plate in the factory should be static balance check.
4, crankshaft grinding may cause crankshaft flywheel group imbalance. Crankshaft wear or bending after use in the grinding process in order to ensure that the level of grinding to increase, we often use eccentric grinding or crankshaft bending without straightening and direct grinding and may cause the crankshaft imbalance.
5, the combination of crankshaft after the change is very easy to destroy the original dynamic balance. Sometimes it is unbalanced. The single crankshaft of the modular crankshaft is usually not balanced. So the combination of crankshaft replacement after the new crank must be calibrated and dynamic balance check.

In summary, the crankshaft, flywheel, clutch platform pressure plate in the repair or replacement process are likely to cause crankshaft flywheel group imbalance. Therefore, in the car engine repair process, the crankshaft, flywheel, clutch plate should be assembled together for dynamic balance check to ensure the quality of maintenance.