How Other Client of Us Choosing Centrufugals Balancing Machines, Belt or Universal Joint?

Posted on 2017-09-22
More and more centrifugal fan manufacturers in the choice of the balance of the machine, will mainly consider the JP Balancing Machines centrifugal fan balancing machine. For JP centrifugal fan balance machine, what are the unique advantages? Before introducing the JP centrifugal fan balancing machine, we might as well start with a brief introduction to the centrifugal fan.
Centrifugal fans are the principle of converting kinetic energy into potential energy. The high speed rotating impeller accelerates the gas, then slows down and changes the flow direction so that kinetic energy is converted into potential energy (pressure). In a single-stage centrifugal fan, the gas enters the impeller from the axial direction, the gas flows through the impeller, changes into radial, and then enters the diffuser. In the diffuser, the gas changes the direction of flow and the cross section of the pipeline increases, causing the airflow to decelerate. This deceleration converts kinetic energy into pressure energy. Pressure increases mainly in the impeller, followed by the expansion process. In a multistage centrifugal fan, the flow of air into the lower impeller with a reflux device produces higher pressure. Therefore, the impeller plays a very important role in the operation of centrifugal fans. The centrifugal fan balancing machine is mainly for the centrifugal impeller and fan impeller to balance the testing equipment.

Universal joint balancing machine for centrifugal fan
According to the larger impeller of centrifugal fan, balance correction can be carried out with a universal joint balancing machine with a rapier joint. The universal joint balancing machine provided by JP Balancing Machines can balance the rotor from 50KG to 30000KG diameter of 2800 millimeters, and is mainly used for the dynamic balance of large and medium centrifugal impeller and fan impeller.
Universal joint, centrifugal fan, balance machine, characteristic:
1. A calibration, permanent use, allowing a very high initial imbalance;
2. Universal coupling drive, power transmission smoothly;
3. Applies to the rotor outer circle cannot use the belt drive device, or require a large transmission power.

Belt balancing machine for centrifugal fan
For the medium and small centrifugal fan impeller, belt balancing machine series can achieve a balanced task. JP production belt balance machine is in the ISO standard and customer requirements carefully designed, manufactured and tested, by now the most mature technology, faster than dynamic balancing of other machines.
Characteristics of belt centrifugal fan balancing machine:
1. Professional design of the pendulum, the effective transmission of mechanical force, solid and reliable, vibration damping small, good rigidity;
2. High sensitivity sensor, good linearity, durable and reliable;
3. Permanent calibration measurement principle, high accuracy;
4. Circle belt transmission structure, higher measurement accuracy, more convenient to use.
Whether it is for a large medium or small fan impeller, JP balancing machine can provide the corresponding services for customers, not only that, the Centrifugal Fan JP balancing machine is in the premise of R & D and manufacturing various international standards, product quality and high precision, which is so many customers would choose JP centrifugal fan balancing machine.