Centrifugal impeller balancing machine, economy, energy saving, environmental protection.

Posted on 2017-09-04
Impeller is widely used in energy power, aviation, aerospace, petrochemical plants and other areas of the key components, the blade shape is usually based on gas dynamics or fluid mechanics calculations, complex structure, high precision machining, and materials are mostly stainless steel, High temperature alloys, titanium and other processing materials, is a typical difficult to process parts. In this regard, JP Balancing Machines R & D has created a centrifugal impeller balancing machine, which completely solve the processing accuracy requirements of a series of higher problems.


Centrifugal impeller structure.
The centrifugal impeller is mainly composed of a hub and a blade, wherein the hub face is obtained by the blade root of the neutral face of the rotating blade, which is obtained by the leaf top line of the neutral face of the rotating blade. For the sake of convenience, the intersection of the plane of the impeller central axis and the hub surface and the capping plate surface is defined as the cross section line of the axle plate and the section line of the capping disc, respectively, and the two lines and the turning blanks The enclosed area enclosed by the straight bus is defined as the flow path cross section, which is an important reference surface for the tool path planning of the roughing tool path.



Centrifugal impeller imbalance reasons:
The original imbalance is due to the centrifugal impeller manufacturing error, assembly error and material unevenness and other reasons, such as the factory when the balance does not meet the balance of precision requirements, at the beginning of the investment, will have a greater vibration. The imbalance is due to the uneven scale of the rotor, the uneven deposition of dust in the medium, the uneven wear of the particles in the medium to the blades and the impeller, and the abrasion of the working medium to the rotor.


Centrifugal impeller balancing machine, economy, energy saving, environmental protection.
Centrifugal impeller balancing machines have a reliable design and use industry-leading measurement systems. Moving, static balance, up to 10 kinds of support, plus weight, positive and negative can be customized flexible, measured display balance and angle units can be customized, display accuracy can also be customized to achieve real-time conversion unit to meet Different customer needs.