Brake disc automatic balancing machine to enhance the quality of the brake disc in essence

Posted on 2017-09-11
Brake disc is an important part of the brake system, its performance directly affects the braking effect is good or bad. In the braking process, the brake disc has been subjected to wear and tear, the role of friction, the pressure is too large, and it will occur deformation or cracking. Brake is a continuous process, so that the brake disc has been in the process of alternating hot and cold, easy to produce fatigue cracks. Brake disc life and quality is proportional to the market now fake low-quality brake discs are everywhere, many do not understand the owner is very easy to be pit. Long-term use, due to friction caused by high temperature deformation, reduce braking performance, thus affecting traffic safety, so know how to choose a good brake disc is essential.
Vehicles high quality brake discs
Automotive brake discs are one of the most important parts of the car brake system, and the safety of our driving is largely dependent on the brake discs. If the brake disc fails, it is likely that we need to brake when there is not enough braking force to stop the car, which will lead to a series of rear-end and other accidents, not only harm themselves, but also endanger the lives of others. High-quality brake discs, high balance of the brake disc, allowing cars to travel more secure and quieter, while ensuring the safety of the process can also improve the comfort.

Brake plate balance to create high quality brake discs
If you think there is no way to improve the balance performance, improve the quality of the brake disc, there is a very simple way, which is dynamic balance check.
Brake disc automatic balancing machine of the automatic design, so that the balance is more light and simple. The operator simply presses the button, and other steps such as measurement, drilling correction, retest, all completed by the machine. Mature dynamic balancing machine technology with a unique professional design, given the brake balancer balancing machine new balance. Brake disc automatic balance machine was born, so that the brake disc dynamic balance is more light and flexible. The balance of a brake disc may take a minute or more, and now, between 35 seconds to 50 seconds to complete a brake disc balance detection, calibration, re-measurement process.
JP Balancing Machines’ brake disc automatic balancing machine can reduce the noise when the brake disc work, so that the car brake more stable, but also to enhance the quality of the brake disc to ensure safety. It can clarify the position and size of the brake disc unbalance after the detection of the brake disc automatic balancing machine, and correct it for the imbalance, thus improving its stability, enhancing the balance and improving the quality.