Balancing Machine Balance The Way The Two Speed

Posted on 2018-05-30
Balancing Machine Balanced machine two kinds of speed mode Balancing machine equipment speed control is divided into two kinds of AC control and DC control, speed change is divided into stepless speed regulation and stepless speed regulation, speed control is usually used two-speed motor speed pulley diameter Changes and are different from the diameter to achieve, stepless speed is to use the inverter to speed. Have their own strengths, the general situation is a very speed is able to hide enough to do the balance requirements.
  The balanced speed mode of the belt balancing machine has two kinds of two-speed motors and a combination of changing the motor pulley to change the balance speed.
  Balancing Machine Drag the diameter change the balance speed will also change. Frequency control speed to be higher, but the speed control to improve the accuracy of the balance is better, in actual use of two-speed motor and change the combination of motor pulley is usually fully meet the requirements.
  In addition to equipment, equipment safety, personnel safety is particularly important, the user should care for themselves, love property, to prevent the emergence of unexpected events.
  When the instrument is not used, it should be returned to the box, stored in a dry environment, in a high humidity environment, the storage tank should be added desiccant dehumidification, the application should also be necessary before the ventilation and moisture treatment. Do not let the magnetic sucker open for a long time. It is recommended that both sides after the suction and then back into the box. But also to prevent the impact of falling or throwing off the loss of magnetic.
  Balancing Machine Before use, use a clean cotton or toilet paper to clean the light head of the light and receive light part, to prevent fouling, reduce the possibility of speed pulse generated. All cable connectors have been anti-pull processing, the cable itself can not be repeated hard bending, or strong stretch, resulting in internal lead wire break. When placing the cable, it is necessary to prevent heavy objects from crushing and tipping.
  Cable and sensor or host connector head where the most likely to malfunction, the instrument uses the internal battery, when the battery is low (<6.5V), the front panel backlight will not light, drew the user quickly charge。